Gold-coater.com wants to help its customers by building the most advanced, compact, fully automated metal coater. By means of modern techniques, smart developments, customization, it is our aim to deliver a product of the highest quality and reliability. Our customers can expect uninterrupted operation that helps delivering fast and high quality results in a high-throughput setting.

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Listen and learn. That is exactly what we did at gold-coater.com. After listening to operators, suppliers and developers of scanning electron microscopes, we found out that there is a real need for a compact metal coater. What the market requires is a compact, fully automated tool for metal coating of SEM samples. This is especially true for the quickly expanding desktop SEM market, where inexperienced operators need to deliver fast and high-quality results in a high-throughput setting. And that is exactly what the LUXOR compact gold coater is helping them to do.

Who are we?

Gold-coater.com is a brand of the APTCO GROUP.

The APTCO GROUP is an international group of companies active in supporting industrial, academic and medical labs and is headquartered in Belgium with offices in France, The Netherlands, Germany, USA and China. Its focus is the distribution, service and support of lab equipment and supplies, as well as the manufacturing of high tech lab equipment such as pore size analysers (porometer.com), platen presses (fontijnepresses.com) and metal coaters for SEM applications.

The APTCO GROUP believes in sustainable growth and long term success. Our primary objectives are (1) being a reliable and successful company, (2) generate high added value to our customers and (3) offer our employees and our partners a place where they can use and develop their skills and talents. In 2018 the APTCO GROUP realized sales of over 20 M€ with a team of 70 people.

The LUXOR gold coater is manufactured by the APTCO engineering team near Berlin.

Meet The Team

Jan De Munck
Product management

+32 479 799 483

Mechtild Boel
Sales Administration

+32 9 331 61 05

Eline pattyn
Sales Management

+31 621 900 229