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LUXOR Gold Coater

The LUXOR gold coater is a fully automated magnetron sputtering device to coat SEM samples with a conductive gold or gold/palladium layer. Easy to operate and with a robust and safe design, it is a second generation instrument, based on the working principles of the “mini-sputter coater 1”, of which multiple units have been installed over the last decade.

LUXOR gold coater will be the first in line of a series of tools designed to help the SEM market. Our engineers are looking into the development of instruments that can coat with other metals. A number of other developments are also on our roadmap.



Fully automated operation (mount your samples, select the coating thickness and start)


Protect your SEM by automatically removing loose particles, outgas porous samples and evaporate wet samples


Safe operation with double implosion protection shield and no high voltage outside the housing



  • No operator training needed
  • Easy mounting and access to your samples
  • Coat up to 12 samples simultaneously
  • Small footprint
  • Easy and fast target replacement